“His vision for the community was bigger than we could imagine. Our hope is to keep his legacy alive.”
Dondolo's Children

About Us

JB Dondolo, Inc. non-profit organization primarily exists to provide charitable services worldwide to the impoverished communities. Our focus is on those markets that cannot afford the simple, basic necessities.

The foundation was founded by Dondolo’s children in November of 2012. The foundation is named after the late father, JB Dondolo, an orphan, farmer and humanitarian advocate, whose values and principles on giving continue to inspire his children, friends, and families across the world. JB Dondolo played a critical role in the fight against poverty. Dondolo’s children saw the need to form a foundation in honor of their father so his legacy of good deeds continues.

The company provides charitable services to the needy by promoting and developing programs and projects that stimulate growth in the low income areas;

projects that have been thought of but not started or started but not finished due to certain circumstances. Our interest is in those projects that promote community growth and a better future.

We hope to finish what you start. The truth is that regardless of whether a nation is industrialized or not, the needy are everywhere. Many people require aid and support around the world. Private and public agencies are there but possess limited resources and cannot provide for every community in need of assistance or basic necessities. This leaves a large segment of low-income population with unmet needs.

At JB Dondolo, Inc., we value every effort with the understanding that even the smallest effort counts as long as a good deed is done for the less fortunate and progress is measurable It takes a village to raise a child, but it will take all of us working together to save lives. We value the partnerships and connections we make. We look forward to working with you to accomplish our mission.