Mission and Vision

We believe in the legacy of giving and helping the needy because we know everyone deserves a chance to have a better life.

We believe this legacy would provide some sort of balance, enrich lives, and create a positive ripple effect for future generations to come.  Our mission is to promote and develop projects that stimulate growth and improve people’s lives in low-income, impoverished areas.  Our focus is on humanitarian projects that have been started but not finished or thought of but not started, all due to certain circumstances.


The Organization was founded

JB Dondolo, Inc. formation in November of 2012 was inspired by the late father, J.B. Dondolo, an orphan, farmer and humanitarian advocate whose values and principles on giving continue to serve as roadmap for many people who knew him and who did not.

Organization Overview

JB Dondolo played a critical role in the fight against poverty. Dondolo’s children saw the need to form a charity in honor of their father so his legacy of good deeds continues.The company provides charitable services to the needy by promoting and developing projects and programs that stimulate growth in the low income areas. Projects that have been thought of but not started or started but not finished due to certain circumstances. Our interest is in those projects that promote community growth and a better future.
"His vision for the community was bigger than we could imagine. Our hope is to keep his legacy alive,"