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Veteran Software Engineer Lumbie Mlambo Finds “Equanimity” In Publishing Her Revolutionary Lifestyle Balance Magazine

Coppell, TX – Growing up the youngest of ten children in a rural part of Zimbabwe known as Matebeleland, Lumbie Mlambo went hungry much of the time – but was blissfully unaware that her family was poor because she found ways to enjoy her childhood despite the suffering and struggle. Her parents were farmers who grew crops (largely, corn) to feed their large family, and Lumbie grew up feeling loved and supported, learning from them the value of not judging others, being humble, and understanding that positive change for the better can come, no matter how hopeless the current moment may seem.

Incredibly, her father, an orphan whose own lack of family growing up inspired him to raise his own children with discipline and hope, found a way to send all of his children to college to pursue their dreams. While several of Lumbie’s siblings had moved to the U.S., she was the last one to remain at home. When her parents sent her to Dallas to live with one of her brothers, they could never have known what a powerful and inspiring American success story she would become.

Discovering a passion for computer science and Information Technology, Lumbie – who moved with her new husband’s job to Indiana – earned an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science from Indiana University at South Bend and later returned to Texas to get her B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics from Texas Woman’s University. She launched her career in Software Development in 1996 and later worked as a business analyst in the IT Industry. Her background includes an extraordinary 10 year stint as a Software Engineer with JP Morgan Chase, where she was in charge of developing robust mortgage-related consumer software.

Incredibly, she did all her schooling and became a force in the software and IT industries while raising a family; her two sons are 20 and 26 years old. Her powerful ability to overcome harsh circumstances also helped in her recovery from a stroke in 2001 that left her partially paralyzed.

For Lumbie, balance in all things has been the key. Even while living in the bleak countryside setting as a child, she never gave up hope and developed a true sense of Equanimity – officially defined as “a state of mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.” Years later, that became the perfect name for her revolutionary national magazine where driven people from all walks of life balance their lifestyle for success in reaching their goals.

In 2009, while still employed with JP Morgan Chase, Lumbie launched a small publishing business that developed into a publication “whose mission,” she says, was “to empower, encourage, and inspire others through true stories ‘real people stories’ to not give up hope, but to realize they have a potential to rise, be creative, and be who they want to be, as well as participate in the community.”

Equanimity Magazine (whose subtitle and founding motto is: Balance Your Lifestyle) shares stories of people in different stages of their life and career journeys. Some are beginning and growing, others have succeeded in reaching the balance that is the foundation of their pursuit of their life’s dreams and goals. In line with Lumbie’s values and ongoing desire to give back to her local community, Equanimity has a powerful philanthropic aspect as well. In 2014, she founded and pioneered a Walk-4-Green movement which encourages workers to take time out of their busy work schedule and walk for 30 minutes a day to relieve job stress, have fun and appreciate life. It was inspired by the unique approach to life taken by her mother, who passed away from cancer at age 92 in early 2014.

In January, 2013, Lumbie launched JB Dondolo, Inc. (www.jbdondolo.org), a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide charitable services to benefit impoverished communities worldwide. Named after her late father, the charity is a member of the United Nation’s Green Industry Platform. The ongoing initial project that JB Dondolo, Inc. is involved in is refurbishing a rundown clinic/hospital in Zimbabwe whose restoration was close to Dondolo’s heart.



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